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To honor the traditional Republican legacy of conservation and natural resource protection by encouraging and empowering our fellow Republicans to advance that same stewardship ethic today, as we work diligently to safeguard the air, water, land, wildlife, climate, and other natural systems that sustain and enhance life on earth.


This website archives the history, publications, policy statements and actions of a national grassroots movement that began in 1995 and ended sometime around 2010-2011.

In April of 1995, three Republican women, Aurie Kryzuda (CA), Martha Marks (IL), and Kim O’Keefe (FL), met for the first time at an environmental conference in Maryland. As they got to know one another, they decided there was a need for a GOP environmental organization and set out to make it happen. Thanks to the energy they brought to their new project, by autumn the name Republicans for Environmental Protection already had burst into the American consciousness.

Through individual word-of-mouth efforts, REP’s visibility and membership grew quickly across the country. Journalists began writing clever “man bites dog” stories. People of all parties cheered the notion of a genuine environmental organization for Republican voters. Especially since that organization and its members announced their intention to improve GOP policies. And aimed to persuade GOP elected officials to be better stewards. And began advocating for the GOP to fully protect America’s air, water, climate, public lands, and wildlife.

To continue reading REP’s history, with photos and links to a wealth of published op-eds, articles, speeches, and policy papers, click the links below:

REP’s history:  PART 1: 1995-2000   |   PART 2: 2001-2005   |   PART 3: 2006- 

Major milestones: November 1999  |  January 2000  |  January 2001   |  August 2004


Republicans for Environmental Protection has long been known as an energetic defender of America's clean air, clean water, and public lands.

Republicans for Environmental Protection has long been known as an energetic defender of America’s clean air, clean water, native wildlife, public lands, and stable climate.


Photo at top: Mesa Arch is one of the many stunning formations at Canyonlands National Park in Utah. (photo © Spotmatik Ltd/Shutterstock)