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To honor the traditional Republican legacy of conservation and natural resource protection by encouraging and empowering our fellow Republicans to advance that same stewardship ethic today, as we work diligently to safeguard the air, water, land, wildlife, climate, and other natural systems that sustain and enhance life on earth.


President Martha Marks

Secretary Sam Booher

Treasurer Stan Perrin

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This website and the brand-new organization that stands behind it are part of a national grassroots movement that began in 1995.

In April of that year, three Republican women, Aurie Kryzuda (CA), Martha Marks (IL), and Kim O’Keefe (FL), met for the first time at an environmental conference in Maryland. As they got to know one another, they decided there was a need for a GOP environmental organization and set out to make it happen. Thanks to the energy they brought to their new project, by autumn the name Republicans for Environmental Protection already had burst into the American consciousness.

Through individual word-of-mouth efforts, REP’s visibility and membership grew quickly across the country. Journalists began writing clever “man bites dog” stories. People of all parties cheered the notion of a genuine environmental organization for Republican voters. Especially since that organization and its members announced their intention to improve GOP policies. And aimed to persuade GOP elected officials to be better stewards. And began advocating for the GOP to fully protect America’s air, water, climate, public lands, and wildlife.

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Major milestones: November 1999  |  January 2000  |  January 2001   |  August 2004

Republicans for Environmental Protection has long been known as an energetic defender of America's clean air, clean water, and public lands.

Republicans for Environmental Protection has long been known as an energetic defender of America’s clean air, clean water, native wildlife, public lands, and stable climate.

FAQs about REP

Republicans for Environmental Protection defends clean water in America's lakes, rivers, and streams

But… are you really Republicans?

Oh, yes. Or… well, so, uh… we really were Republicans before the GOP lost its mind and started acting crazy. We all know when that happened and who led it down its current miserable path and why.

That said… REP’s board members have been lifelong Republicans, even if they’re pretty turned off right now. Individual REP members may be either current or former Republicans. We especially welcome members who would still be Republicans if the GOP went back to solving environmental and conservation problems.

For decades, REP has worked to safeguard our air, water, and climate. We’ve pushed hard to protect wildlife and high-quality natural land. Our focus always has been on the health of our fellow human beings, our wildlife, our land, and our planet.


If you care so much about the environment, why don’t you just become Democrats?

Because we believe we’re more effective when speaking up as Republicans, even though the GOP does make that extraordinarily difficult in this day and age.

As REP members, we feel… what? — anger? dismay? disgust? — at the anti-environmental, anti-conservation, and anti-science policies and actions taken by our party’s leaders in recent years. That emotional reaction makes us more engaged and gives us greater credibility when we communicate with them. This organization channels that emotional reaction in a way that makes our message more powerful.

And we do remember that our Republican Party used to be so much better on these issues.

But that’s not the worst of it. The really big problem is…

Right now, America has one political party that fervently promotes pro-conservation and pro-environmental policies, and another political party that adamantly opposes those policies. When one is in power, the environment, public lands, and wildlife are safer. When the other is in power, the environment, public lands, and wildlife are at risk. That’s no way to protect a country or a planet.

As Republican environmentalists and conservationists, we know that if this pattern continues, America will never make the meaningful, lasting progress it desperately needs to make.

We at REP are convinced that only when both parties are pro-environment, pro-conservation, and pro-science will we ever again find solutions to the multiple environmental and conservation crises that we face. Without agreement on the urgency of addressing those issues, our people, our land, our wildlife, and our planet will never be safe.

Ultimately, we hope to bring consensus to the political discussion on such issues.

NOTE: This information was first presented publicly n Greening the Elephant: ‘Republicans for Environmental Protection’ is not an oxymoron, by REP’s co-founder and long-time president Martha Marks. In 2003, that op-ed was syndicated by “Writers on the Range” (a service of High Country News) and published in Grist. Click the link to see it as it subsequently appeared in REP’s own newsletter, The Green Elephant.

Martha pulled out these themes again at her “Fang and Claw” speech to the Suncoast Tiger Bay Club in Tampa. If you read only one speech she’s ever given, make it this one!

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