Wind turbines help fight the global climate crisis.


So many problems to fight.

So few Republicans willing to fight them.

As we write this in 2020… the environmental crises are growing more urgent. Each year, Planet Earth grows hotter — and the climate more unpredictable — than ever before. So everyone else is experiencing the same problems that we are.

  • Droughts plague the American West.
  • Our country now suffers the most destructive wildfires in her history.
  • Hurricanes stack up in the Gulf, as if waiting their turn to pound our coasts.
  • We regularly endure devastating floods, freaky windstorms, too-early blizzards, and wilder-than-normal tornadoes.
  • Our increasingly acidic, plastic-filled oceans are rising as the polar ice caps melt.
  • Species of plants and animals are dying off at an unprecedented rate. People in America and around the globe are pushing even farther into wildlands, resulting in a loss of wildlife habitat and an explosion of new and exotic diseases like Covid-19.

As the climate crisis worsens, the future of our planet seems more at risk. Literally, we are all in this together… and we must pull together to solve the problems while we still have a chance to do so.

During its lifetime as an organization, Republicans for Environmental Protection carved out a unique position in America’s environmental community. Within our chosen niche, we were unique. Nobody else tried to do this. It was tough. An uphill fight. But somebody had to do it, because we knew then — just as we know still — that only bipartisan action can save America and the planet.

So many things to fight for.

As you’ll see if you look at our history, we at REP were fighters. Below are the main things we fought for, grouped into three categories. Click the links to learn more.

1. Clean air, clean energy, and a stable climate

2. Pollution-free oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, and wetlands

3. High-quality public lands and the native plants and animals that depend on them for survival

While not a major focus, we also wrote and spoke on the related topics of Sprawl, infrastructure, and private land conservation.

“Greening Up” the GOP… which was, without doubt, the hardest task of all. We argued that — when it comes to natural resource conservation and environmental protection the GOP had strayed far from its traditional roots and needs to come home.

To that end, we praised elected Republicans when they took pro-environmental and pro-conservation stands and votes. We gave them awards, and great press in their local media, and high ratings in our Scorecard. We called them heroes.


REP fought for the essentials of life on Earth, for humans and wild creatures alike, with effective conservative messages designed to make sense to members of the Republican Party and other conservatives. We didn’t try to be all things to all people. We knew our target and focused hard on it.

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Photo at top: Whirling wind turbines create lovely motion-shadows at sunset. (Shutterstock)