Thank you for urging President Bush to uphold the Roadless Area Conservation Rule

AN HISTORICAL DOCUMENT: REP sent this letter to the following Members of Congress on May 23, 2001


Letter of thanks to 22 GOP Representatives who urged President Bush to uphold the Roadless Area Conservation Rule
Sent to the following US Representatives:

Sherwood Boehlert
Michael Castle
Vern Ehlers
Michael Ferguson
Rodney Frelinghuysen
Wayne Gilchrest
Benjamin Gilman
Jim Greenwood
Steve Horn
Nancy Johnson
Amo Houghton
Sue Kelly
Mark Steven Kirk
Jim Leach
Frank LoBiondo
Connie Morella
Jim Ramstad
Marge Roukema
Jack Quinn
Christopher Shays
Rob Simmons
Christopher Smith


May 23, 2001

Dear Representative:

On behalf of the members and directors of Republicans for Environmental Protection, I want to thank you and your colleagues for your recent letter to President Bush urging him to retain the Roadless Area Conservation Rule.

As your letter indicated, the rule enjoys broad support from Republican voters in every region of the nation. It was vetted through a fair, deliberative process in which almost two million American citizens — including several hundred REP America members — participated.

REP America strongly favors conservation of roadless areas in our national forests. The adopted rule is a balanced policy that will protect untrammeled lands that make up America’s natural heritage. The rule also is fiscally responsible, by minimizing the taxpayers’ exposure to the costs and liabilities of road construction and maintenance.

Your willingness to stand up and be counted in favor of retaining the rule is very much appreciated. Please let us know if there is any way our growing organization can be of service to you.

Thank you.


Martha A. Marks, Ph.D.