Get snowmobiles out of Yellowstone

By JIM DIPESO, REP Policy Director

AN HISTORICAL DOCUMENT: Letter to the editor, New York Times, March 6, 2002


Yellowstone National Park rangers trying to do their jobs shouldn’t have to don respirators to filter out snowmobile smog. Park visitors trying to enjoy a natural experience shouldn’t have to put up with the incessant din of snowmobile engines. Park wildlife trying to go about their business in peace shouldn’t be subjected to the intrusion of snowmobile crowds.

President Bush professes to admire Theodore Roosevelt and seeks to emulate the Rough Rider’s bold style. A good example for the president to follow would be Roosevelt’s successful fight to protect Yellowstone from the narrow agendas of special interests.

President Bush should stick to the 2000 agreement phasing snowmobiles out of Yellowstone. America’s first national park deserves nothing less than the highest level of protection.