Praise for California Representative Steve Horn


AN HISTORICAL DOCUMENT: Letter to the editor, Salon Magazine, January 19, 2001


“I am pleased that the president has agreed to carry on President Teddy Roosevelt’s legacy by establishing a policy to protect the untouched roadless areas of our national forests,” says Rep. Steve Horn (R-Calif.), adding, “Commercial mining and logging already has damaged the existing 400,000 miles of roads, jeopardized safe public access, and degraded water quality in our nation’s forests.” —Salon Magazine, January 11, 2001


Republicans for Environmental Protection is writing to express its profound gratitude to Representative Steve Horn, of California’s 38th District. He has hit the nail right on the head. 

Protecting our remaining roadless areas is exactly what our great Republican hero President Theodore Roosevelt would do if he were in office today. TR’s grand-daughter said as much in an article she wrote for the Seattle papers. And, as our research shows, this initiative is entirely consistent with TR’s approach to conservation.

Further, this statement by Rep. Horn is of great service to President Bush to steer him away from trying to unravel a policy that has won overwhelming bi-partisan support from the American people.

So, to Rep. Steve Horn, here’s a hearty “Bully!” from your fans at Republicans for Environmental Protection.