REP Praises President George W. Bush for Designating Marine Monuments

AN HISTORICAL DOCUMENT: Press Release by Republicans for Environmental Protection, January 6, 2009


President Bush’s designation of three enormous marine monuments in the Pacific Ocean is a great conservation achievement, Republicans for Environmental Protection (REP) said today.

“Enhancing protection of America’s marine resources for future generations is a terrific way to celebrate the centennial of Theodore Roosevelt’s sweeping actions to protect our natural heritage on land,” REP Government Affairs Director David Jenkins said. 

“We applaud President Bush for this extraordinary conservation legacy totaling nearly 125 million acres of marine waters, coral reefs, habitat for fisheries, marine mammals, sea turtles, and seabirds, and unique geological formations,” Jenkins said.

“True conservatives know that good stewardship of our country’s resources is a duty that we owe to ourselves and to our descendants,” REP Policy Director Jim DiPeso said. “That duty applies to our oceans, which have been critically important for America’s economic growth, national defense, and food supply since the founding of the republic.”

“As scientists have shown us, we must do a better job of taking care of the oceans. Their capacity to recover from carelessness is not infinite. Pollution, overfishing, invasive species, and global warming are damaging the oceans’ capacity to regulate the climate and supply us with healthy food. President Bush’s designation of the Marianas, Rose Atoll, and Pacific Remote Islands monuments is a strong step in the right direction towards better stewardship of our marine treasures,” DiPeso said.

“As President Bush’s administration nears its end, he deserves great credit for this spectacular conservation action,” Jenkins said.