Rep. Cynthia Thielen Recognized by National Organization

AN HISTORICAL DOCUMENT: News Release from Hawaii House Republican Caucus, January 31, 2012


Republicans for Environmental Protection Salutes Rep. Cynthia Thielen

Hawaii State Representative Cynthia Thielen’s environmental accomplishments have received national recognition by the Republicans for Environmental Protection in “The Green Elephant Update”. This grassroots environmental organization consists of a membership representing all 50 states. This is the first time one of the members has been spotlighted in “The Green Elephant”.

The publication described Rep. Thielen as positioned “at the leading edge of environmental and conservation public policy”, and as having earned “a sterling reputation among her peers in state capitols across the nation for her thoughtful leadership on environmental issues”.

Republicans for Environmental Protection also thanked Rep. Thielen for her “bold, strong, and forward-thinking leadership”.

“The Green Elephant Update” also applauded Rep. Thielen’s leadership in promoting alternative energy sources, such as wave energy, saying that she “is a leading expert and proponent of wave energy, which has the potential to make a huge dent in the $7 billion annual sum sent out of state to purchase energy”. Her co sponsorship of Hawaii’s greenhouse gas standards legislation was also commended.

“I am honored to be spotlighted in this publication sent to a membership representing national leaders committed to resolving today’s environmental and conservation challenges,” said Rep. Thielen.

Republicans for Environmental Protection also praised Rep. Thielen’s activities as an environmental attorney as well as her commitment to education and early childhood learning.

The article noted that “Cynthia is well liked and respected by her colleagues in both the Democratic and Republican parties, and has received numerous awards from outside organizations recognizing her as an outstanding lawmaker,” adding, “She works hard, does not play political games, is bi-partisan, and is a warm caring person who clearly has the interest of Hawaii at heart.”

Rep. Thielen represents the 50th District (Kailua, Kaneohe Bay) and serves in Hawaii’s House of Representatives as a ranking member on the Judiciary; Energy & Environmental Protection; Water, Land & Ocean Resources Committees. She is also co-chair of the bipartisan House of Representative’s Women’s Caucus and a member of the Consumer Protection & Commerce and Housing Committees.