Thank you to Representatives Wayne Gilchrest, Jim Greenwood, and Nancy Johnson for co-sponsoring legislation to raise fuel efficiency standards


May 15, 2001

Dear Representatives Gilchrest, Greenwood and Johnson:

Republicans for Environmental Protection thanks you for co-sponsoring legislation to raise fuel efficiency standards for light trucks and sport utility vehicles.

At a time when gasoline prices are rising and concerns about energy security are growing, your legislation is a timely reminder that efficiency must be the foundation of our nation’s energy policy. Energy efficiency makes economic, national security, and environmental sense. Energy efficiency is a natural fit with Republican philosophy. What could be more conservative than reducing waste?

Fuel efficiency delivers benefits year after year, saving money, improving national security through reduced dependence on foreign oil, and preventing environmental harm. CAFE standards, authorized through legislation signed by President Ford in 1975, conserve 3 million barrels of oil per day, saving households, businesses and taxpayers billions of dollars every year.

The legislation would free up approximately the same amount of oil as drilling the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge would produce. Strengthening fuel efficiency standards is a proven, practical approach that makes far more sense than putting one of America’s last great wildernesses at risk from oil drilling.

Your consistently strong leadership on conservation and environmental concerns is a bright light in Congress and a source of pride and encouragement to us at REP. Please keep in touch and let us know how we can be of service.

Martha A. Marks, Ph.D.