Letter of thanks to Representative Nancy Johnson (R, CT)

for introducing legislation to permanently protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

AN HISTORICAL DOCUMENT: REP sent this letter to Rep. Johnson on May 18, 2001


May 18, 2001

The Honorable Nancy Johnson
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative Johnson:

On behalf of Republicans for Environmental Protection, I want to thank you for proposing legislation to designate the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge coastal plain as federally protected wilderness. Your courageous leadership on this critical conservation issue has been exemplary.

As you pointed out when introducing the legislation, America can secure energy supplies more effectively by concentrating on improved energy efficiency. Requiring light trucks and SUVs, for example, to meet the same fuel efficiency standards as passenger cars would free up the same amount of oil that drilling the refuge would produce, without ruining one of our nation’s last great wildernesses. Furthermore, energy efficiency, along with developing alternative energy resources, would improve national security by reducing our risky dependence on foreign oil producers.

REP appreciates your willingness to stand up for protecting our natural heritage of pristine landscapes and wildlife. Please let us know if there is ever any way we can be of service to you.


Martha A. Marks, Ph.D.