REP thanks Senator William Roth


AN HISTORICAL DOCUMENT: Letter to the editor, Washington Post, November 30, 2000


For as long as many people can remember, Senator William Roth has been one of the foremost champions of America’s natural heritage. On the floor of the Senate, with an eloquence born of deeply held beliefs, he has been an advocate for wild places all across America.

In his speeches he has talked of seeing the same beauty in the wilds of Alaska that he has found in the woods and fields of Delaware. His commitment to protecting America’s natural heritage has been real and unwavering, even when some in our Grand Old Party threatened harm to our country’s special places and environmental quality. For that courage alone, he deserves the heartfelt thanks and praise of Americans of all political persuasions and in all fifty states.

We are deeply saddened that Senator Roth will not be returning to continue his fight for the legacy left us by another great Republican conservationist, President Theodore Roosevelt. But as the spokesman for REP members all across the country, I want to thank the citizens of Delaware for giving us all the benefit of Senator Roth’s leadership, courage and integrity for so many years.

Most of all, Senator Roth, we want to thank you for fighting for so long to keep alive the Republican Party’s great conservation legacy. We will miss you!